AI in Action Boot Camp

A Customizable Learning Experience

September 16 – 19, 2024








AI in Action: Building Your Essential AI Toolkit

The Provost and Chancellor’s Offices are pleased to host an upcoming boot camp titled AI in Action: Building Your Essential AI Toolkit for students. This immersive, week-long event enhances students’ foundational knowledge and practical understanding of AI applications across various disciplines.

Following the success of April’s AI in Action Week, this boot camp offers a more focused and intensive learning experience.

The program will begin with three common virtual learning sessions on the evenings of September 16-18. These sessions will provide a comprehensive overview of AI principles and techniques. On September 19, there will be multiple concurrent sessions tailored to specific disciplines, allowing for a deeper exploration of AI within their areas of interest. The schedule is coming in August.


How will you lead in a rapidly-changing world?

AI in Action is a four-day experience designed to fuel your curiosity, enhance your technical skills, and broaden your horizons in the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence. This learner experience will explore AI trends, develop skills in selecting and using AI tools, and practice making responsible, ethical decisions about using AI across various fields and disciplines. For the fourth session, learners focus on one industry-relevant domain and examine how to leverage AI technologies in workplace settings.


AI Literacy

Learn the language of the future Learn the language of the future and understand the power behind intelligent machines.

AI for Professional Development

Discover how to harness AI to land your dream job and supercharge your professional journey.


Applied AI: Innovation Across the Public and Private Sectors

Explore the myriad ways AI is solving real-world problems and fueling impact in the workplace.



A Level 2 Badge (noncredit) will be awarded to learners participating in all four nights of interactive lectures and completing the assessments.

We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity to build your essential AI toolkit and explore the transformative potential of AI across various disciplines.

AI in Action Boot Camp

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